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Food trip to Italy, part 1


PARMA. We went on a 3 days food trip to the Parma/Modena area in Italy.

One of the days we visited the dairy San Pier Damiani where great parmesan cheese is made. The family has been making parmesan cheese, the real Parmigiano Reggiano, since 1964 – every day, every month, every year…. Believe us, this is hard, very hard work. Our guide, Mattia, explained us about the complete process while his father! was making the Parmigiano.

We learned a lot about the cheese, and after the tour we tasted some of the variants. When you get to know about the careful but hard work, and time (a real parmesan cheese is always stored for at least 12 months, some even 40 months or more), it takes to make the genuine Parmigiano, you will appreciate it even more. It’s fabulous and rich in taste as well as nutrition. Try it with a few drops of Aceto Balsamico di Modena…and you are in heaven… more about this in another post. The city of Parma is also lovely. Mattia had recommended us to dine at La Trattoria Corrieri, what a perfect pick.

Another fantastic place for lunch, or breakfast, is SalAmeria in Sanguinaro, just 20 minutes west of Parma. Try one of the big plates to share, yummi! They have a huge selection of delicious hams, sausages and cheese to bring home. We even had to come back the next day, too 🙂 




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