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Klausen Mountain Pass, Switzerland


The Klausen mountain pass in Switzerland is a real gem. 1.952 meters above sea level ensures fantastic new views around each corner and from the many hairpin curves, if you dare look out. Near the top is a little chapel named after brother Klaus. It is very common that cattle walk on the road, so don’t get too fast through the curves. Coming from Linthal, the first interesting stop is by the Bergli Stüber waterfall. Just a 5-minute walk through the forest and the beautiful little, but still roaring, waterfall is tossing out over a small cave. At the other end of the Klausen pass road, we visited the Stäubi waterfall. Last time we could drive almost all the way, but this was no longer allowed, due to a recent rockslide over the gravel road. So we just hiked the 3,5 kilometres, in each direction. It was worth it. The Stäubi waterfall is about 100 meters high and can be seen from far, far away when crossing the Klausen pass.

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