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Medieval Gengenbach and Wetzlar – Germany


Gengenbach and Wetzlar, are 2 more beautiful German towns filled with the most fabulous old half-timbered houses.
The two rivers, Lahn and Dill flow through Wetzlar in Hessen and add a lot of atmosphere to the town. Hundreds of fabulous well-maintained half-timbered houses can be admired in the many sometimes narrow streets of Wetzlar. Two of the most interesting sights must be the 13th-century seven-arched Lahn bridge and of course, the Wetzlar Cathedral, built from 1230 to 1490. During our visit, we stayed at the motorhome place at Falkenstrasse. It’s within fair walking distance (about 1 km) of the old town, but to get there, you must cross the streets through a spooky underground passage. But Wetzlar, as well as Gengenbach, mentioned below, are really worth visiting.
Gengenbach is set by the river Kinzig on the edge of the Black Forest. Also here we found 100s of wonderful half-timbered houses in the narrow streets, medieval towers, and parts of the town wall dating back to 1200-something. Another interesting ”thing” is the 18th-century double-baking oven, which was still in use until 1975. Many years ago there was a Benedictine Monastery in Gengenbach, the buildings are now a public library.
By Gengenbach we stayed on a motorhome site next to the dykes of the river. From here it was just a 1 km walk to the old town. Oh, by the way, just around the corner from the camper site, there is an egg seller. 🙂

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