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Hiking by the Thur Waterfalls in Toggenburg


In May we went for our first hike in the Toggenburg area. Close to the town Unterwasser, we wanted to see the Thur Waterfalls, Thurwasserfälle. We parked by the Hotel Sternen, but there are also parking spots for Mobilhomes just 100 meters away from the path to the waterfalls. 

The path follows the river Thur and into the Chamber Gorge (Chämmerlitobel). Arriving at the waterfalls, we wanted to see it all, so through a door, through dark tunnels and a fair number of steps, we finally arrived at the top of the falls. Fabulous views opened to the roaring water.
The access to this part was made by Ernst Waldburger in 1927! After returning to the lower part again we also visited the small cave where the tossing water can be seen right from the front, an amazing experience of this just 23 meters high 2 step fall. We continued back along the river and then in a northern direction through the forest on a short but very steep path to a viewpoint with spectacular views to Säntis the Mountain and far, far over the Churfirsten mountain area with Chäserrugg at 2.261 meters above sea level.

On the way back on this short hike, we passed a small children’s playground and a fireplace. This is on private land but open to the public while used with care and keeping it clean. The last part of the hike could be a bit tricky to find the way but have a look at our pictures and you won’t get lost.

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