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One October we went to Denmark again, in our motorhome. At Børsmose Strand Camping, we met with friends to spend a couple of days by the sea. They also have a small dog, Buller, who immediately became good friends with our Maggie. We all enjoyed the windy atmosphere by the Northsea and the food. One day we had a typical Danish dish, hot dogs, and later a delicious Swiss cheese fondue. A spectacular experience was the completely unexpected visit by a big red deer. During the few days, he visited us more often, eating many rosehips. Apart from the rough
nature, the campsite at Børsmose has many facilities like outdoor showers, an infrared sauna, natural playgrounds for kids and a shelter with a fireplace. One day we all drove to Fil lake, a big nature reserve and sanctuary for a lot of birds. After the beach camp, we went to Marsk Camp to meet with family and walk up in the newly built Marsk Tower. The campsite is also new and offers a place for 126 campers. There are 146 steps to the top of the steel tower and a fabulous view from the platform over the completely
flat area. Maggie didn’t like the steel steps so Chris carried her all the way up and down again. Then we drove a short trip to Rømø to see just a few of the most known attractions there. One of them is the Kommandørgården, the Sea Captain’s House, a beautiful old farm, built in 1749. Another peculiar thing is a fence made in 1772 from the jawbones of whales! On the way back to the mainland, we stopped to see some of the many groynes or breakwaters along the dam. Our next stop, also to see family, was in Esbjerg. Just outside the town, we also revisited the huge installation in white concrete, Men by the Sea. There is something mythical about this monument. Later we went to Møgeltønder in the most southern part of Denmark. Here we also met with family and stayed at the free motorhome place in the village. Møgeltønder is a very old village with beautiful old half-timbered houses and even a castle. Until 2014 Schackenborg Castle was the private residence of Prince Joachim of Denmark. Now it is owned by a foundation, making sure it is well maintained. Finally, we visited Højer, mainly to buy some delicious rullepølse, a very Danish speciality. Højer is also where you can find one of Denmark’s most colourful decorated gardens.
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