Experiences with our Motorhome,  Trips in Switzerland



After leaving the little campsite by St. Moritz, we drove in the direction of the Maloja mountain pass. It is just 1.815 meters high but includes around 15 very, very narrow hairpin curves. Just before the descent, there is a parking place with a great view over the valley and the Orlegna dam can be visited after a short hike. The pass road is in fine condition so it was a fabulous experience driving down through the curves. From the Bregaglia valley the Albigna dam, being 115 meters high and 759 meters long, can be seen from far away. The dam, apart from making electricity, protects the valley from flooding. Almost at the end of the valley, we visited the beautiful mountain village Soglio (more about that in a previous post). It is also in the Bregaglia valley that the road goes under the Kissing Rocks 🙂 To and from the Maloja Pass we passed the three wonderful lakes, the Silser, Silvaplana and Champfèr lakes. Lots of options for many kinds of water sports. Then we continued about 40 kilometres north-east of St. Moritz, turned left in Susch by the Inn river and drove over the Flüela Pass. The summit of the 30 kilometres long pass, where lots of snow and ice still covered the ground, and this was by the end of June!, is 2.384 meters high. The top is right between two lakes, the Scotta and Black lake. The last pass to cross, before returning home, was the easy but steep Wolfgang Pass at 1.632 meters above sea level. Driving over all the mountain passes we took our time to make stops at appropriate places, to relax, get a cup of coffee and enjoy the spectacular views in all directions. And, partly, letting the brakes and engine cool down a bit. The Swiss mountains are a great experience, just plan enough time for breaks, enjoy nature and drive safely.


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