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GRUYÈRES – medieval cheese village in Switzerland


The GRUYÈRES medieval village in Switzerland is a beautiful place with a fabulous atmosphere. The name Gruyères is known all over the world as cheese, but is also this village. But of course, you can enjoy cheese in most of the restaurants here, and also buy some cheese to take home. The cheese of course comes from mild to absolutely stinky.
Some of the cheeses from Gruyères have won awards as being the world’s best cheese, for example, the Gruyère AOP Premier Cru, which is in fact also an extremely delicious cheese. A HR Giger Museum and Giger Bar is also located in Gruyères. There is a great view of some of the surrounding mountains like Mont Moléson and Dent du Chamois.
In the main village, there is a huge cheese dairy with a shop and also a cheese fondue and raclette restaurant. Tours are arranged through the cheese production. During our visit, we parked the camper in the parking lot right by the village. Here it is allowed to stay for the night, for a fee. A little tip from us, if you come in your camper, arriving in the evening allows you to find a good spot. During the day the parking place is often full. Oh, behind the parking lot, there is also an Alp cheese seller.

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