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GOSLAR, a famous town in German Harz.


GOSLAR is one of the most well-known medieval towns in the Harz area in Germany, and the old town is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Goslar is more than 1100 years old, but today the oldest still original buildings are from the middle age, from 1488 and onwards. The whole centre of the old town is full of beautiful half-timbered buildings. By coincidence or luck, the historic old town escaped major bombing during WWII. The river Gose, from which Goslar has its name, and the Absucht river, flooded the old town in 2017 following record rainfalls in the surrounding mountains. The result was still partly visible during our visit. Together with good old friends, and their lively dog Happy, we stayed in the second oldest house in Goslar, the super friendly hosts have two wonderfully decorated apartments, equipped with everything needed for a short or longer stay in Goslar, and right in the centre, 2 minutes from a nice little bakery and with lots of sights, cafés, and restaurants serving delicious hearty and filling local dishes. Some of the best were Die Butterhanne, Brauhaus (Brewery) Goslar, Worthmühle and Café am Markt. All are located directly in the centre. If you come to Goslar, don’t forget to see, and listen to, the famous Carillon Bells and Figures at the Market Place. There are also lots of things to do in the vicinity of Goslar. Many well-signposted hikes, like the Love Bank Way, a 7 kilometres hike through the forest of Bocksberg passing 25 lovely made banks and other pieces of wooden art, small lakes and rivers and children’s playgrounds. At the end of the hike, in Hahnenklee, there is a copy of a Norwegian stave church.

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