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ITALY 2022 – Part 8




After leaving the winery, Fattoria Casa Sola, we headed for Pienza, still in Tuscany. Pienza is more or less mostly known for the cheese, Pecorino de Pienza, although Pecorino can come from many other regions. The traditional, made from sheep’s milk, Pecorino di Pienza is made through a special process where the ageing takes place in wooden barriques for at least 90 days. The main reason for the special taste of real Pecorino di Pienza comes from the grass of the meadows in the Val d’Orcia region and the herbs growing in this area. We have to admit that we didn’t know the Pecorino de Pienza before visiting Pienza – but, wow, what a delicious type of cheese, so tasteful, so aromatic. We have been enjoying a lot of it since then. Apart from the cheese, Pienza is a fabulous and beautiful ancient town. The central square, Piazza Pio II, was named after Pope Pius II who ruled as pope from 1458 to 1464. The original name of Pienza was Corsignano until the pope renamed it. Pienza means ”City of Pius” 🙂 The pope also ordered the building of the cathedral which still stands here. The whole town is so beautiful and has also been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. After enjoying a delicious lunch, and later yummy ice cream, and of course, shopping for some cheese, we continued to our place for the night. On the way, we passed an interesting ”island” of cypresses. Oh, by the way, in Pienza we found a self-service laundry where we could wash our clothes. We couldn’t understand much from the signs there, but we were helped by a super friendly woman at the laundry. After a beautiful drive through the Tuscan landscape, and Montalcino, we arrived at the Agriturismo Piombaia. Here we could stay in the camper for the night and enjoy a most delicious dinner at the restaurant that serves typical Tuscan dishes accompanied by the winery’s excellent wines, mainly Brunello di Montalcino DOCG. After a good night’s sleep, we continued to Siena, read more about this in the next post.

AgriCamper Italia host, Piombaia:


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The laundry in Pienza:


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