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VIERWALDSTÄTTERSEE, or in English Lake Lucerne, is one of the largest lakes in Switzerland. It has a strange shape when seen on a map and is actually 10 named connecting lakes; the shore is about 150 km long in total. Many passenger boats, including some steamers being over 100 years old, are used for transportation from pier to pier, gastronomic trips and other events. What we tried one Sunday in September was a brunch trip with one of the oldest steamboats, the PS Schiller. This is a real pampering experience, a buffet style brunch in the original decorated salon with wooden panels and large windows. Just sitting there, enjoying the delicious food, sipping coffee – or a glass of prosecco, while the surrounding landscapes passes by with stunning views to mountains, castles, forests and sometimes a stop to let passengers on or off. When we were completely full, we strolled around, saw the huge engine in the open machine room, and enjoyed the light wind on the upper deck. Suddenly the three hours were gone; we were back in Lucerne where we started and had to leave. A super nice experience in the best sunny weather. Highly recommendable, but book early to get seats.


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