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Hiking through Kaltbrunnental, the Cold Well Valley, in Switzerland


A short hike through the Kaltbrunnental – literally the Cold Well Valley, in Switzerland, just 23 kilometers from Basel. It is a very green valley, full of caves and small waterfalls. Many signposts inform about the caves and their types. A cave is not just a cave. The caves can be wet or dusty, so bringing extra clothes might be a good idea. And if, that is IF, you crawl into one or more of the caves, it is also a good idea to bring a torch. We started out from the south, mainly because here we could easily find a spot to park our car. We arrived early in the morning and were almost alone in the valley. The hike is not good for strollers or wheelchairs. The whole trip is so green and with many waterfalls, and caves in the rock walls. Some of them were used by hunters 12.000 years ago. At the end of the hike or for us before returning, we come to the river Birs. At this point there are some interesting rock wall paintings made by soldiers during the First World War, it is said they made the paintings when they were bored. The area by the paintings is open for picnics and bonfires. One of the paintings resembles the historically important national Lion Monument in Luzern. Close to one of the fireplaces there are some rocks which, allegedly, were moved here as river sediments from the Black Forest in Germany 2 million years ago. On the way back we partly followed a parallel path to see more waterfalls. The little stream, the Ibach, is 9 kilometers long and ends in the River Birs just outside Grellingen. The Kaltbrunnental is like a little fairytale forest, and if you are interested in caves, this is absolutely a great place for you.

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