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France, part nine – Eguisheim and some travel facts


After leaving La Moutarderie Fallot, the mustard mill in Beaune, we had a long drive in front of us, to our last destination of this holiday, Eguisheim in Alsace. The tour was not the most interesting part, landscape wise, but we had already been in Eguisheim, many, many, MANY times 🙂 so we were looking forward to visiting this little pearl of Alsace, again. Actually, we wanted to stay at the little 3-star campsite in the village, but it was completely full.

So we drove to the Stellplatz, camper place, where we found a nice pitch among about 30 other campers. Perfect for our visit to the old town of Eguisheim. The beautiful village was voted the Favorite French Village in 2013 and is an important wine village, producing fabulous wines from the vineyards around the village. Eguisheim is also where two of our absolute favorite winemakers are situated.

The first is Domaine Bruno Sorg, a small family estate, established in 1965. Always friendly reception and the wines are just so delicious and stand out from the masses. This is a place where we always bring friends and family to taste the best wines of Alsace. The second winery is the huge cooperative of Wolfberger, founded in 1902 in Eguisheim. 420 winegrowers deliver their grapes to Wolfberger so there is always a wine for everyone here. In most of the wineries in Alsace, you can just walk in and taste their wine. Eguisheim is indeed a wonderful village, full of old houses some of them 800 years, or more, old.

Lots of restaurants and cafés offers local delicacies, like tarte flambée, Alsatian sauerkraut and baeckeoffa. And in the year 1002, when Eguisheim was German, count Bruno von Egisheim-Dagsburg was born here, he was later to be Pope Leo IX. After spending 2 days in Eguisheim, it was finally time to get home. It was a faaaantastic holiday, completely different from any of our other good holidays. We learned so much, saw how many of the products we love were made, and where. We only met super friendly people, and despite other languages that French sometimes was a tiny issue, we always managed to communicate. It just requires a few hand signs and a big smile.

We hope you have enjoyed being with us on the tour and perhaps you were inspired by the stories. Next year we consider a tour to North Italy, including Parma (Parma cheese and ham), Modena (balsamic vinegar), and Tuscany (wine and ?). But please let us know if you have any suggestions! 🙂

AND, if you want to see even more from the tour, visit our Youtube channel and don’t forget to subscribe to get an alert when new movies arrive, so far there are 3, but 6 more are planned and in the pipeline.

Chris & Lene on Tour – YouTube

We will try to sum up some of the facts below.

In 24 days we drove exactly 3.700 kilometers, we had roughly calculated about 3.000 but were open for changes and new ideas coming up as we proceeded, and it was worth every single extra kilometer. Don’t forget cash, including coins, cards are not always accepted. Staying with all the France Passion hosts was an absolute highlight of the whole tour, we simply cannot recommend this enough.

Some facts and costs:

Total kilometers, 3.700

Highway tolls, Euro 58

23 nights, Euro 187, hereof 4 nights at camping places, 2 nights at a Stellplatz, and 17 by France passion hosts

To find all the places, and help us in general, we used these web pages:

France Passion www.france-passion.com/en/ (also as an app)

Laundromats www.revolution-laundry.com/our-locations/

Service areas for motor homes www.i-campingcar.fr/accueilcartes.htm

Market days in France www.jours-de-marche.fr/

App on the phone:

Camper Tools – for leveling the camper, and of course various weather apps and Google Maps.

If there is ANYthing, you want to have explained in more detail, or an address of one or more of the places we have visited, please feel free to contact us.

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  • Anette

    Tak for en rigtig god rejsebeskrivelse af jeres tur til Normandiet. Vi kører en tur derned via Holland og Belgien om lidt over en uge. Vi regner også med at benytte os en del af France Passion. Har I navnene på de France Passion-værter I har overnattet hos i Normandiet og Bretagne?

    Glæder mig til at læse om flere af jeres ture.

    Mange hilsener

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