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    ALSACE – important wine region of France

    ALSACE – among the most well-known regions, when it comes to fantastic white wine, in France. Since we moved to Switzerland, we have been visiting Alsace countless times every year. The wine-growing area is so beautiful, the wines are extremely delicious and the local dishes too. This first post might be a bit long, but keep on reading. We will be writing more posts about…

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    The Boat Lift, Alsace, France

    The Saint-Louis-Arzviller inclined plane, a long description of a very interesting boat lift on the edge of Alsace, 50 minutes by car from Strasbourg. The first canal, the Marne-Rhine Canal, was built from 1838 to 1853, to be able to cross the Vosges mountains by boat via seventeen locks. Finally in 1969 the inclined plane lift was finished and the travel time of the 314…

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    IF YOU are a cheese lover, THIS place is fabulous. We will never say to any one that they HAVE to go, but here we are pretty close! 🙂Mr Bernard Antony, Cheese Master, established his first of seven cheese cellars in 1983. Today he and his team nurtures, yah, practically breeds :), and matures fantastic quality artisan made cheese, from all over France. Be it from goat,…