Experiences with our Motorhome,  Trips to Denmark

A short Christmas trip to Denmark


During the Christmas days, we visited Denmark, where we celebrated a lovely and cozy Christmas together with our family. We stayed in a fantastic rented apartment just outside Varde. It was such a warm and cozy apartment, with a fully equipped kitchen where we also cooked a traditional Christmas dish, relaxed, and enjoyed the view over the snow-covered fields in the days after Christmas eve. In this case, the dish was caramelized potatoes, ham, cream stewed kale with pickled beets. By Stilbjerg Bed & Hygge, actually run by a very, very friendly Dutch family, there are five apartments in various sizes and also a small camping site for caravans, motorhomes, and tents, plus there is a lovely garden. The outside temperate varied from minus 14 to minus 6 degrees Celcius, but we still made some trips in the winter-clad landscape. First to the sea by Børsmose Beach. The roads were covered by snow and ice and went through a military training ground, so we had to look out for tanks and cannons. Later we visited the medieval center of Varde and the park with the interesting Varde Mini Town where more than 300 buildings have been made exactly like the town looked like in 1866 but in the ratio of 1:10.

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