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Grimentz – a beautiful old village in Switzerland


We have only been to Grimentz once, but it was definitely not our last visit to this wonderful old village. Grimentz is almost 1000 years old and is situated 1.553 meters above sea level. Only about 400 inhabitants live here but during summer and winter, several hundreds of ski and hiking tourists fill the streets and alleys of the village. More than 200 kilometers of hiking paths and several areas for skiing tourists make Grimentz popular all year round in the Anniviers valley. Grimentz is accessible all year round but getting there by car, or as we did, by motorhome, includes a lot of hairpin curves as well as some very narrow parts, but we arrived without any issues. We stayed at the big motorhome pitch, Stellplatz, by the edge of the village. It is also still within short walking distance to the center and just 3 minute walk to a small supermarket. The center is full of very, very old wooden houses, the oldest is from 1702. Most of the houses are built using larch wood on stone foundations. The reason for the dark color of the wood is simply the sunshine. Slendering around in the almost car-free village, just taking the time, relaxing, enjoying the details of the beautiful houses, and the red geraniums decorating all the houses is so rewarding. Mainly the buildings used for hay and food for the animals, have additional detail. A wide, round, and flat, stone between the building itself and the foundation, prevents mice and rats from getting inside. Plenty of restaurants and cafés are available in the main alley of Grimentz. We had lunch on the terrasse of Hotel Moiry, with very interesting and delicious dishes including alp flowers and herbs. Later, on the motorhome parking pitch, we had the opportunity to cook dinner with the most fabulous view over the valley. As mentioned – we will be back.

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