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Fasnacht in Basel


The ”drey scheenschte Dääg”, or the three most beautiful days, are the 3 days where Basel celebrates the ‘carnival’ called Fasnacht. It is the largest carnival in Switzerland and dates back to at least 1376. Due to the earthquake in 1356 there is no older documented proof of the origin. The parade starts from early Monday morning, 4:00AM!!!! All light in the city centre is switched off to ensure total darkness, and the processions parade around in Basel, playing the piccolos and drums.

The processions with about 10000 members continues for 72 hours, with some breaks, throwing confetti, potatoes, oranges and other things after/to the spectators along the two routes. A big part of the Fasnacht is also the satiric, often political, messages being displayed by each group. And of course the “Gugge-music”. Tuesday is dedicated the children’s carnival. This year (2018) the Fasnacht begins on Monday 19 February, if you have the chance, come and see, hear and experience this UNESCO listed tradition. You will never forget it.
There is so much more fun-facts to collect from the official site: www.fasnachts-comite.ch/dos-and-donts_en

Future starting dates:

2019: Monday 11th March
2020: Monday 2nd March


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