Trips in Switzerland

First Cliff Walk

FIRST CLIFF WALK by TISSOT is the full name of this thrilling experience, opened in September 2015. From Grindelwald we took the cable car to the First mountain in 2170 m.a.s.l. The trip is just about 25 minutes travel time – the landscape changes – and the expectations to the upcoming activity makes the butterflies in the stomach very noticeable 🙂 The sign posts are clear and soon we are in front of the Cliff Walk, and cliff it is!!! Tightly following the steep cliff you can look through the holes in the metal floor 🙂then over a bridge high over the valley and finally ending on a platform…with a glass floor…45 meters out/over…well, nothing!!! But don’t forget to enjoy the impressive view of the north faces of the alps, including specially the Eiger and Männlichen, and the Grindelwald Glacier. When the nerves have settled, the Berggasthaus First offers real mountain food with panoramic view from the huge terrace.


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