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SONOGNO, village and waterfall, Switzerland

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SONOGNO – when driving through the beautiful Verzasca Valley, with its lots of photo stops, Sonogno will be the end station, at least when arriving by car. (There is a parking lot, including places for motor homes just before the village.) Despite the low number of inhabitants, less than a hundred (they even speak their own language!!), this beautiful little 800 years old village lists a good number of restaurants, some shops, even an ethnographic museum AND the very, very impressive waterfall just a 15 minutes hike from the centre, passing the Grotto Efra with a huge terrasse . This time we were in Ticino with family members from Denmark, which made our visit even more cosy.
The huge amount of water of the Cascata della Froda splashes 70-80 meters down from the Carded River and then follows the Redorta River. Apart from the roaring water, this is such a quiet place – small bridges enables close access to the waterfall and interesting hiking paths. Admitted, we came to see the waterfall. However, after having a delicious lunch in Sonogno, we had a closer look to the village. Like in the other stone house villages, hamlets, in Ticino it is interesting to walk through the narrow alleys admiring the many well-restored houses. In the summer time, there is a market every month where local products like cheese, sausages, wine and wool, locally carded and dyed by the craftswomen of Sonogno, are sold.

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