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The KLAUSEN PASS, Switzerland

The KLAUSEN PASS is a very beautiful 1948 meters high Swiss mountain pass, stretching about 46 kilometres from Altdorf (home of the statue and monument of the legend Wilhelm Tell) to Linthal.

At the top, there is a small chapel, the Bruder Klaus chapel from 1938. The road is often narrow with no option to enjoy the fantastic views and the numerous waterfalls, but from time to time, there are spots where a short parking is possible.

Extra careful attention is often required because of the many cows walking around, also on the road  Further to simply enjoying the wonderful landscape of the Klausen Pass, we found it extra worth wile to stop at two of the waterfalls, the Berglistüber and Stäubi, both of them with ice-cold water. 

The Berglistüber, a few kilometres from Linthal, and just a short walk from the former Bergli restaurant, is a roaring experience. It has long been considered among the most beautiful Swiss waterfalls, and no wonder, especially with this location. Tons of water splashes down in a small lake and then continues as the Fätschbach river. For safety reasons it is officially not recommended to walk behind the waterfall.

The Stäubifall can also, almost, be reached by car with just a few hundred meters to hike. From Ribi it is a 3 kilometres drive, with a toll to be paid (10 Swiss Francs) after the bridge, before continuing to the Äsch-Oberalp cable car station. The stunning Stäubifall is 100 meters high and part of the Schächen river. Due to heavy snowfall the Klausen Pass is normally only open from May to October.

For the nostalgic ones; from 1922-1934 the spectacular Klausen Race took place every year, now it is only every 4-5 years, next time will be in 2022 with perhaps 250 oldtimer racing cars.

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